Welcome to the Primary Schools of Great Britain website The objective of this website is to ensure parents whose children are about to enter the education system full time can access all the information they need regarding education, school trusts and rankings, plus the subject matter and teaching methods their child will be introduced to, so that they can make their own educated decision about where to place their child for this important stage of their development.

It is also our intention to empower parents so that they feel able to be involved in the school administration and help determine its future direction. Please feel free to get in touch with us directly to learn more about the primary schools of Great Britain.



This website has nothing to do with the Tong Primary School. For more information on the Tong Primary School, please contact them directly at Tong School, Tong, Isle of Lewis, HS2 OHJ. You can also telephone them on 01851 70 2572 or you can email them on tong-school@cne-siar.gov.uk.